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BB cream was first made in Germany where women concerned about imperfections and the brightness of their skin visited dermatologists who had the “magic” formula – anti-imperfection balms. In this post, we will tell you more about the product of the moment. It is causing a furore in Asia, and in Europe it is starting to become a must-have for any make-up bag.

What is BB cream?

The initials BB come from the term “Blemish Balm”. BB creams are used as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace moisturiser, primer and sun protection. They can be used as a tinted moisturiser directly on the skin or on top of a serum if the skin needs it. If you want more coverage you can match it up with powders.

BB creams tend to contain a very low amount of pigment and as such offer low coverage and do not completely cover up the skin’s imperfections. It is ideal for women who don’t want to look like they are wearing make-up but do want to improve the appearance of their skin type and maintain the natural look of their skin.

The benefits of BB creams:

  • They moisturise: they increase the water content of the skin and keep it healthy and moisturised.
  • They nourish: thanks to its exclusive formula, it is an everyday way of treating the skin.
  • They brighten: thanks to the vitamin C, they improve the skin’s brightness.
  • They protect: at the same time as they keep you looking beautiful, with SPF 15 they block out the sun’s damaging rays.

As a result, a BB creamactivates the skin, moisturises it, gives it colour and evens it out. The latter is the most important attribute as it makes it possible to hide all types of marks and imperfections on the face.

The BB Magic Cream by Stage Line Professional Make Up, in addition to having these benefits, perfectly imitates any phototype. It is available in two shades, and also contains natural polymers, which are released and activate their colour on application to the skin.


As we already mentioned, the texture of the BB creams offer low make-up coverage and that is why the finish is much more natural and the impact of damages on the skin tends to be lower. In addition, some BB creams incorporate a high sun protection filter or some specific treatment for the skin.

What is a CC cream?

Its initials CC correspond to “Colour Control, Colour Correcting, Correcting Complexion”. Similar to BB creams, they also have to moisturise, nourish, even out, brighten and protect. The difference lies in the degree of coverage. In the case of CC creams, the amount of pigments is greater than in BB cream but less than in make-up. The finish is also very natural but will cover the skin’s imperfections more. It is for those women who like to look like they are not wearing much make-up.

It is therefore possible to differentiate between BB creams, CC creams and make-up by their ability to cover up the skin’s imperfections.

BB cream: low coverage

CC cream: medium-low coverage

Make-up: medium, medium-high or high coverage depending on the type of make-up.

In addition, a lot of make-up does not incorporate the ability to nourish, moisturise and look after the skin. Only those that are of a high quality offer these additional properties.

Which is better – a BB cream or a foundation?

It all depends on the result you want to achieve and the needs of each skin type. Foundations tend to give more coverage in terms of imperfections, but if you want to achieve a more natural finish with your make-up, the best thing is to opt for a BB cream.