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Have you ever wondered what type of make-up to use to go to the gym or go running without feeling out of place? Is it possible to exercise and look great at the same time? I’ll explain a few tricks you can use.

First of all, you don’t need to get as dolled up as the characters of hit 80s series “Fame”. We’ll give you some tips more suited to the present day.

You have to remember that when you exercise, it is normal to sweat. The pores in your body, including those on your face, open up to release toxins, water, and sweat. As a result, attempting to put on a thick layer of make-up so that our skin can’t sweat, isn’t the best, in fact it is far from it. The most suitable option is to use very small amounts of make-up applied at strategic points that don’t disrupt facial perspiration.

Clean your skin as usual with cleansing milk and toner, moisturise your face, the eye contours and then apply lip balm. You can apply eyeliner using a waterproof pencil or liquid eyeliner. Apply mascara, which should also be waterproof. Brush and fix your eyebrows using clear mascara.

If you want to add a touch of colour to your lips, use H-fix lipsticks, which act as lip tints. They tend to come in pencil format so that you can apply them in greater or lesser amount. In this case, apply a small amount so it looks like you are not wearing make-up. These types of tints bring out the natural colour of the lips and give a very subtle effect.

These hints of make-up are enough to achieve an improved look without too much make-up for exercising. If you exercise outdoors, a BB cream is a product that will work very well. The vast majority include sun protection and will consequently help to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

We advise you find one with an SPF of 30 and just a little colour so that it gives a discrete touch to the skin without giving the impression you are wearing make-up. If you exercise after work, it is recommended that you clean your face and leave just the area around the eyes with make-up on.

While you are exercising, don’t forget to keep a towel nearby to dry off the sweat. A dark one preferably, in case you still have any make-up on your skin. Under no circumstances do we recommend applying blusher because exercising activates the blood circulation and it is normal for your face to look more flushed.

A frequently asked question is: can I put make-up on after exercising? Yes, of course you can but it is recommended you do so after having showered and eliminated sweat and toxins.

Essentials for your gym make-up bag: make-up remover gel, toner, moisturiser, lip balm, eyeliner (if you use it), and your favourite products to leave the gym looking great.