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The key to a perfect face, soft, natural skin and a bright complexion is to choose the right make-up for your skin type and skin tone. Stage Line Professional Makeup offers you over 8 types of make-up produced with cosmetic treatment to take care of your face. Find out which foundation suits you better.

Which type of foundation should I use for my skin tone?

Highlight your natural beauty with a radiant face. Here we’ll tell you how to choose a foundation to suit your skin type and tone. In addition, we’ll also give you recommendations for natural contouring so that you can highlight your strong points without covering yourself in make-up, allowing your skin to breathe.

Stage Line Professional Make up foundations offer textures that adapt to your skin type. You can find liquid foundations, water-resistant compact foundations, in the form of sticks or mousses and cream foundations, as well as those that offer low (liquid and powder), medium (liquid) and high coverage (liquid and cream). They include active ingredients, which make them real beauty treatments. These active ingredients provide vitamins; they moisturise, even out and protect the skin.

The right shade of foundation

In order to choose your shade of foundation, you just have to apply a small amount of product close to your jawline. The foundation that blends in with your skin is the right one, although a slightly lighter one will offer brightness. You should avoid any that are darker than your skin tone because it will add years to your skin.

In the summer, you can replace the foundation with a tinted moisturiser and if you have a nice tan, all you will need is some bronzer to accentuate your colour.

What should I take into account when applying it?

The attraction points

  • Long faces can be disguised by lightening the contours, darkening the forehead and the chin, whereas very square faces should darken the jawbone.
  • In general, soft and rosy colours brighten the skin.
  • The colour should never exceed the skin’s natural range of tones by more than two shades.
  • It should be chosen depending on the characteristics of your skin, whether it is dry, combination or oily. Normal or dry skin types work well with oily foundations, whereas lighter textures are recommended for oily skin types.

The foundations are applied using small and light touches to distribute them uniformly over the face and really work on those points that capture more attention because they show marked imperfections. You do not have to apply a lot as you can run the risk of a look that is too unnatural.

Depending on your lifestyle and individual tastes, sometimes you might prefer make-up that offers more coverage or others, in contrast, that are subtler. It is recommended that foundation provide a matt look, which is uniform and lasting. However, you can also opt for a cream that imitates your skin and also evens out, nourishes and hydrates your skin tone. We recommend BB Magic Cream by Stage Line Professional Make Up with SPF 30 in two different shades and we will leave you with this video showing our experts’ tips on how to apply it.

You ought to take care because when it is not applied correctly, some areas appear with stains such as the roots of the hair and the skin. We recommend you even out the tone as it is quite unsightly to see lines at the jawline or at the hairline. In order to avoid this, the best thing you can do is apply make-up from the centre of the face out to the extremities using a damp sponge, in this way you can distribute the colour and avoid stains.

It is also important to cover your eyelids and the area around your eyes well with foundation. This is the only way of making the make-up uniform, and you should also cover your lips in foundation if you want your lipstick to stay on for longer.