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Many of you might ask about facial and lip peels and what the differences are between them. You will certainly have heard that there are chemical, mechanical and laser peels as well as ones you can apply yourself at home. I will try to give a general overview of their differences, and explain how and when to use them.

The aim of a peel is to remove dead skin cells, improve the skin’s superficial imperfections, whether caused by acne marks, sun spots, or simply just to rejuvenate the skin. After a peel, the skin looks brighter, softer and more even. A lip peel is ideal for eliminating an excess of dead skin cells and the effect of very dry lips. After a peel, the lips look smooth and more voluminous.

There are chemical peels of different intensities – superficial, medium and deep. Different acids are used for these such as glycolic acid, retinoic or salicylic acid, amongst others. They are used in different concentrations depending on the treatment.

Superficial chemical peels are used to even out the skin tone, eliminate imperfections, reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production. These can be offered by a beauty salon or by a dermatologist.

The medium and deep chemical peels are carried out with higher concentrations of acid and these act at a deeper level of the skin which helps to remove sun spots, or marks caused by acne. They improve the appearance of scars, reduce wrinkles, and therefore improve your appearance in general. These should be carried out by a dermatologist.

A laser peel tends to be used for anti-ageing treatments. They smooth the skin, even out its tone and soften the appearance of wrinkles. These are sometimes combined with chemical peels. I recommend consulting your dermatologist about it.

A mechanical or physical peel offers gentle exfoliation at a superficial level. It is used as if you are applying a cream and worked in with the fingertips, in a circular motion, for a few minutes across the entire face or across the lips if it is a special lip peel.

It is easy to remove using a sponge or cotton pads moistened with water. It causes a slight abrasion in the skin or lips because it contains tiny particles that can be made from stones, crystals, or polyethylene particles. This type of peel can be performed at a beauty salon or you can buy it yourself and apply it at home.

As it works on a superficial level, it eliminates dead skin cells and dry skin, to achieve a soft texture and brightness. Ideal to make your pores look cleaner. This can be used once a week.

You can also find this type of peel in a special format for lips. I recommend it whether you normally apply lip balm or not. It removes all of the dry skin cells on the lips in a flash. You can apply it a couple of times per week. You will achieve lips that look fuller and more youthful in just two simple steps. Apply the product, work it in using a circular motion and remove it using cotton pads moistened with water. Afterwards apply a moisturising and nourishing lip balm to keep your lips looking perfect.

“Professional secret” If you want to keep your lip balm perfect, follow this formula, peel + lip balm = dreamy lips. After any peel, beauty products such as serums, moisturising creams and lip balms work more effectively. This is because your skin is clean and receptive to all of the nutrients.

 Daily, weekly and one-off care routine:

  • Clean your skin with a cleansing milk or gel and then apply toner morning and night. Apply lip peel if necessary.
  • Apply serum, moisturiser and lip balm for the day
  • Apply serum, nourishing cream and eye cream at night
  • Apply a lip peel a couple of times per week
  • Once per week or every 15 days, depending on your skin type, apply a gentle mechanical facial peel
  • Once every three months, apply a deeper peel, consult your beauty salon or dermatologist

NB: after a peel, do not sunbathe for a few days. I recommended using creams with SPF, or in the case of having performed a gentle peel; a BB cream with an SPF of 30 will be enough.

In the case of a lip peel, you do not need to take this type of precaution. Using the lip balm alone will suffice.